Mme BIE-joue uses her passion for colours and crafts
to sprinkle sparks of joy !

Do you ever get that feeling ?

Where you really love your job … and still there’s something missing.

It feels as if we have these different sides to who we are. There is the more ‘serious’ side who likes to dive into the big issues and sees it as a challenge to crack the code of a complex project … This part of us is rational, analytic, entangled in deep thought. Often in service of our community. 

And then there is our more frivolous side … The child inside that wants to come out and play, that loves to jump around, sing, dance, create ! The one that loves to surround itself with beautiful colours and fine treasures, that wants to let those friends come over and create cosiness. Around the table. Around the fire … 

In our modern lifestyle it can be a challenge to give enough attention to both sides … One consumes us and the other gets ignored. As a result we get exhausted. Our battery runs on empty … 

That is the story of Mme BIE-joue. 

Once upon a time, not to long ago, I was at this point where I felt totally depleted and all I could manage in a day was … Well, nothing actually, except give my kids their food and pick up a pencil and draw in my spiral notebook.

As a child I drew almost every day. I crafted with paper, knitted, learned crochet from my granny, and made a full wardrobe for my Barbie dolls. When I was not working for school, I was creating …

But then, as I turned 18 and had to decide on ‘what to do with my life’, I gave priority to my ‘brainy’ side. I went to university with the ideal of using my brains to change the world and make it a more friendly place. That was the plan. 🙂

Fast forward to today …

Well in my forties and sobered up : I can’t make right all the injustices in the world. But I can touch upon the lives of the beautiful people that surround me. And as it turns out, I can do that also by indulging in the one thing I love the most : to pick up my pencil, my crochet hook, my needle … To create the things that spark my joy and to share them with you.

I invite you in my world of wonder, my cosy corner. Look around, enjoy. Get inspired. Feel the spark !

Oh, and the name: Mme BIE-joue …

‘Bie’ is my inner child. She is the little girl that comes out to play (‘Elle joue’ – She plays in French). 😉